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Global Studies Student at Watkinson School


I'm a smiling, inquisitive Global Citizen, Greek Dancer, Philanthropist and Proud Armenian

A little about me...

I am a senior in high school that loves to laugh, dance, eat and explore!  I have been to a few European countries, Greece, Germany and Denmark. I love exploring different places and learning about the different lifestyles people have in different countries. Some interesting facts about me are, I have jumped off the JAWS bridge in Martha’s Vineyard, I have African roots from Senegal & Gambia, and I can read Greek but I cannot speak fluently. 

At Watkinson, I am apart of the Global Studies Diploma Program. The Global Studies Program is to help foster students become better global citizens - to be active in their communities, gain knowledge and keep up to date with international news and experience what other countries have to offer! I am interested in diving deeper into hotel sustainability so looking at sustainable options in hotels. 


As you look through my site, you will find events I have attended, places I have been, and projects I have worked on. Enjoy!

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