Global Studies Student at Watkinson School


I'm a smiling, inquisitive Global Citizen, Greek Dancer, and Philanthropist 

A little about me...

I am a junior at Watkinson School that loves to laugh, dance, eat and explore!  I have been to a few European countries, Greece, Germany and Denmark. I love exploring different places and learing about the different lifestyles people have in different countries. Some interesting facts about me are, I have jumped off the JAWS bridge in Martha’s Vineyard, I am good jump roper and I can read greek but I cannot speak fluently. 

At Watkinson I am apart of the Global Studies Diploma Program. The Global Studies Program is to help foster students to become better global citizens being active in their communities, gaining knowledge and keeping up to date with international news and experiencing what other countries have to offer! I am interested in diving deeper into the technology/communication field learning how authoritative figures use technology to learn information on consumers, the future of technology and how countries use technology in different ways. 


As you look through my site, you will find events I have attended, places I have been, and projects I have worked on. Enjoy!